The experix project provides a powerful tool for data acquisition, device control, data analysis, presentation and archiving on GNU-Linux systems.


Features include:

  >>  user interface by command string with recall-edit and log file

  >>  user-extensible by means of command script and variable definitions

  >>  arithmetic and math on numbers and arrays of several types and any dimensions

  >>  flexible binary and formatted i/o connects data objects to files, pipes, USB and bus devices

  >>  script execution can be assigned to timers, signals and threads

  >>  easy graph command for versatile, quick data visualization

  >>  can shell or exec system commands and run a command script at child termination


Developed in the laboratory of Elliot Elson at Washington University, experix has been applied to

  >>  cell poker (similar to AFM) operation

  >>  tissue mechanical testing

  >>  Fluorescence Recovery after Photobleaching

  >>  Fluorescence Intensity Distribution Analysis

  >>  Alternating Laser Excitation: laser switching and photocounting

  >>  ALEx logic design iverilog simulation display


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